Have You Ever Thought About How Many Songs With Lion / Tiger In The Title Have Been Written?
Below Is A List Of Songs With Lion / Tiger In The Name, Regardless Of Genre.

Most Of The Tracks Listed Here Are Songs About Lions / Tigers, But Almost All Of Them Have
Different Lyrical Interpretations, Despite The Commonality Of Having The Word Lion / Tiger In The Title.

If You Know Of A Good Song With Lion / Tiger Or That`s ( Big Cat Related )
In The Title That Is Missing From This List Below, ( E - Mail Me ) Below:

⤥ Lion Songs ⤦

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight By: The Nylons Album: The Nylons.


2. Joe The Lion By: David Bowie Album: Heroes.


3. Wondering Where The Lions Are By: Bruce Cockburn Album: Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws.


4. Little Lion Man By: Mumford & Sons Album: Sigh No More.


5. Lion By: Hollywood Undead Album: Notes From The Underground.


6. Gold Lion By: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album: Show Your Bones.


7. The Ballad Of The Last Lions By: Paul Gilbert Album: Alligator Farm.


8. Listen To The Lion By: Van Morrison Album: Saint Dominic's Preview.


9. Now The Hungry Lion Roars By: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Album: A Midsummer Night's Dream.


10. Lion Of Judah By: Prince Album: Planet Earth.


11. Can't Tame The Lion By: Journey Album: Trial By Fire.


12. Lions By: Chavez Album: Ride The Fader.


13. The Lion And The Unicorn By: The Wiggles Album: Let's Wiggle.


14. Running From Lions By: All Time Low Album: The Party Scene.


15. Feed Me To The Lions By: Adam And The Ants Album: Kings of the Wild Frontier.


16. Snow Lion By: Feist, Readymade FC Album: Babilonia.


17. Born A Lion By: Ani DiFranco Album: Puddle Dive.


18. Lion Wilson By: Relient K Album: The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek.


19. Electric Lion By: Tangerine Dream Album: Melrose.


20. Camille Saint - Saens / Introduction And Royal March Of The Lion (Orchestra) By: Peter Ustinov Album: Peter & The Wolf.


21. Lion By: Toto Album: Isolation.


22. Until The Lion Learns To Speak By: K'naan Album: The Dusty Foot Philosopher.


23. Tipping The Lion By: Melvins Album: Stag, Electroretard.


24. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You By: Bee Gees Album: Bee Gees' 1st.


25. Young Lions In Paradise By: Blue Cheer Album: What Doesn't Kill You.


26. The Lion This Time By: Van Morrison Album: Magic Time.


27. Young Lions By: Sheena Easton Album: Do You.


28. My Pet Lion By: Juliana Hatfield Album: Made in China.


29. Lion In A Coma By: Animal Collective Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion.


30. Punch The Lion By: Melvins Album: Prick.


31. Lion In Winter By: Bee Gees Album: Trafalgar.


32. Lion Tamer By: Clinic Album: Bubblegum.


33. Lion And The Lamb By: TV Smith Album: March Of The Giants.


34. Young Lion By: Vampire Weekend Album: Modern Vampires Of The City.


35. I Used To Be A Lion By: Billy Bob Thornton Album: Hobo.


36. Lions And Tigers By: Sleater-Kinney Album: One Beat.


37. Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music) By: Kid Cudi Album: Man On The Moon: The End Of Day.


38. The Lion's Roar By: First Aid Kit Album: The Lion's Roar


39. I Am The Lion King By: PAPA Album: N/A.


40. Lion's Den By: Dry The River Album: N/A.


41. The Lion Sleeps Tonight By: Sandra Bernhard Album: Without You I'm Nothing.


42. Waking Lions By: Pop Evil Album: Pop Evil.


43. Lions By: Dire Straits Album: Dire Straits

⤥ Tiger Songs ⤦

1. Eye Of The Tiger By: Survivor Album: Eye of the Tiger.


2. Eye Of The Tiger By: Hollywood, Mon Amour, Call me kat Album: Hollywood, Mon Amour.


3. Eye Of The Tiger By: Paul Anka Album: Rock Swings.


4. The Eye of the Tiger By: Gloria Gaynor Album: The Power Of Gloria Gaynor.


5. Tiger By: ABBA Album: Arrival.


5. Neon Tiger By: The Killers Album: Day & Age.


6. Tiger By The Tail By: Rick Springfield Album: Living In Oz.


7. Shere Khan, The Tiger By: Carlos Santana Album: The Swing Of Delight.


8. Tiger In A Spotlight By: Emerson, Lake & Palmer Album: Works Volume 2.


9. The Lady And The Tiger By: They Might Be Giants Album: Join Us.


10. Tame My Tiger By: T. Rex Album: Dandy In The Underworld.


11. Paper Tiger By: Spoon Album: Kill The Moonlight.


12. The Lady And The Tiger By: They Might Be Giants Album: Join Us.


13. Tiger in the Sun By: The Cult Album: Born Into This.


14. Tiger Bones By: Joni Mitchell Album: Taming the Tiger.


15. Year Of The Tiger By: St. Vincent Album: Strange Mercy.


16. Seven Caged Tigers By: Stone Temple Pilots. Album: Tiny Music..Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop.


17. Tiger In The Night By: Katie Melua Album: Call Off The Search.


18. Tiger Bay By: Golden Earring Album: No Promises - No Debts.


19. The Tiger By: DJ Shadow, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Karloff Album: The Outsider.


20. We Tigers By: Animal Collective Album: Sung Tongs.


21. Taming The Tiger By: Joni Mitchell Album: Taming The Tiger.


22. Ride The Tiger By: Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship Album: Dragon Fly.


23. Tiger In My Tank By: Eels Album: Daisies of the Galaxy.


24. Easy Tiger By: Depeche Mode Album: Exciter.


25. Tiger Man By: Elvis Presley Album: Elvis Sings Flaming Star.


26. Sabertooth Tiger By: Cage The Elephant Album: Thank You, Happy Birthday.


27. Tiger Bomb By: The Presidents Of The United States Of America Album: Freaked Out and Small.


28. Revenge Of The Spectral Tiger By: Brandon Boyd Album: The Wild Trapeze.


29. Tiger In My Tank By: My Bloody Valentine Album: This Is Your Bloody Valentine.


30. Lions And Tigers By: Sleater-Kinney Album: One Beat.


31. Tiger In A Burning Tree By: Everclear Album: Invisible Stars.


32. Tiger Whitehead By: Johnny Cash Album:

33. Tiger Kit By: Sleigh Bells Album: Bitter Rivals.


34. Tiger Tiger By: Duran Duran Album: Seven and the Ragged Tiger.


35. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song By: Fleet Foxes Album: Fleet Foxes.


36. I've Got A Tiger By The Tail By: Sara Evans Album: Three Chords And The Truth.


37. Tiger By The Tail By: Brad Paisley, The Grascals Album: Country Classics with a Bluegrass Spin.


38. Tigers Den By: Steve Howe Album: Spectrum.


39. Dance With The Tiger By: Rosanne Cash Album: Interiors.


40. Tiger By My Side By: Empire of the Sun Album: Walking on a Dream.


41. Year Of The Tiger By: Sufjan Stevens Album: Enjoy Your Rabbit.


42. I've Got A Tiger By The Tail By: Buck Owens Album: I've Got a Tiger by the Tail.


43. Tiger Rag By: Louis Armstrong Album: C'est si bon.


44. Paper Tiger By: Beck Hansen Album: Sea Change.


45. Tiger Style Crane By: Redman Album: Reggie.


46. What Do Tigers Dreams Of ? By: Ed Helms Album: The Hangover.


47. The Tigers Have Spoken By: Neko Case Album: The Tigers Have Spoken.

⤥ Other Big Cat Related Songs ⤦

1. Big Cat By: Wild Beasts Album: Boy King


2. ROAR By: Katy Perry Album: Prism.


3. Holy Diver By:Ronnie James Dio Album: Holy Diver.


4. Jaguar By: Victoria Monét Album: Jaguar.


5. My Only Love By: Moby Album: All Visible Objects / Video: Jaguar Related.


6. CheetahBy: Rocket From The Crypt Album: All Systems Go, Volume 2.


7. The Pink Panther Theme Song By: Henry Mancini Album: In the Pink.


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