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-The Lions Den-
Chat Room

Come Join The PRIDE:
Chat About Your Favorite Big Kitty
Share Web Site`s, News ect,ect
Or Just Talk With Other's.

Chatting Rules

  • Be polite and respect everyone. Do not offend others with your language.
    Should another user attack you in such a way, ignore him.
  • No scrolling/flooding/spamming.By the way, commercials are strictly forbidden.
  • No talk about sex, drugs, or weapons, etc. no cybersex! There could be
    children around.If you still have to talk about it, open a private talk.
  • No feuds! Fight it out privately (in a private talk) or in a room of your own.
  • No misuse of nicknames! Don't intentionally use other users' nicknames or distort them in any way.
  • No discrimination because of gender, political or religious views, age, etc.


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